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Evolution to the next level.



Specification and details

We are so sorry for the delay of the release date due to it is still under development right now.

We really appreciate your understanding and patience.

All designed and tuned for R35 GT-R

Gerun 035R is our original designed tire that is specially developed to bring the maximum potential of your vehicle and weight balance.

Designed with next generation racing compound

it gives more grip to the tires by more it heats up. Evolution of racing compound technology to prevent and protect tires from heat generation.

Rigidity and high ability of control

designed to support the weight of R35 with original internal structure and sidewalls.

it also gives you the high ability to control your vehicle.

Original thread pattern and unique compound characteristic that give you a peace of mind when driving in the wet

Not designed only for breaking records, but also for stability and controllability

on any road condition.

*Gerun 035R is not a Run-Flat tire.