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■ Team GOODLUCK FESTIVAL 2021 will hold a special sponsorship project, 5FIVEXATTACK driving event!


"Team GOODLUCK FESTIVAL 2021" will be held on October 24th at Sportsland SUGO, Miyagi Prefecture.

​ this year tooWith the cooperation of Team GOODLUCK, we will hold a 5FIVEXATTACK driving event.

Please download and use the application form from the bottom of the page.

Recruitment is closed as we have reached the capacity. Thank you very much.


Note) You can choose your favorite tire size from Gerun051R, 051S, and 051A. Only available sizes are in stock. Please check the stock from the stock information on the upper right of the 5FIVEX official website and apply. Participants are responsible for tire replacement costs.


■ Vehicle regulations
Please be sure to participate after wearing 5FIVEX tires. A helmet and racing gloves are required. We strongly recommend wearing long-sleeve/long-pants racing shoes, racing suits, and HANS that do not expose your skin. The vehicle is a numbered vehicle that can run on public roads. Vehicles equipped with 4-point seat belts or more. A headlight that conveys intentions during an attack, or something equivalent, must be installed. R blinker, hazard lighting. In the case of blow-by air release, be sure to install a catch tank.
Install tow hooks on the front and rear of the vehicle. Open car is required for roll cage. We strongly recommend installing 4 or more points + side bars. Please run with the 5 FIVEX sticker distributed. Don't overdo it with your safety equipment! Even if it is recommended, please wear and wear it as much as possible.


entry is closed
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