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Control by theory.


It heats up for maximum grip.
The unique noise reduction design eases the burden on the driver.


production plant

FIVEX tires are manufactured in factories in China with a well-equipped environment.
Based on our original design, original products with high customer satisfaction are created to meet the wide range of needs of the "GERUN" series, from flagship models to street models that are also active in town riding.


About Fivex tires

The unique design of FIVEX tires provides maximum grip performance and eases the burden on the driver.
From racing to city riding, we have pulled out as much as possible the characteristics required of the compound.

The theory of racing compound
5FIVEX Technology

What are common tire compounds?

General tires are based on compounds that can demonstrate multi-performance from low temperature to high temperature range according to many vehicles and driving scenes.
A tire with a general compound design feels soft when the tread surface is pressed with a fingertip or nail.
A high grip can be obtained from low temperatures, but when the temperature reaches a certain high temperature, the grip performance and durability tend to decrease due to heat sagging.

What is FIVEX Racing Compound?

FIVEX Gerun series tires are designed for use in time attack and drifting, and are designed to maximize grip in the required scenes.

The main raw materials that form the compound are procured from Europe.
We also paid attention to the fact that grip is not the only thing that is required on the circuit, so we reviewed the material and design of the conventional sidewalls, increased rigidity, and improved straight-line stability and responsiveness.
While ensuring sufficient grip for city riding, it has secured a long life even though it is a circuit spec.

5FIVEX Technologyy-d.png

Original noise reduction design for city riding

The large road noise that tends to occur in circuit-spec tires has been reduced to the maximum.
We are introducing the latest technology to realize a car life where you can enjoy conversation with the passenger seat while driving and enjoy music.

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