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About FIVEX Division

In addition to designing, developing, planning and selling goods related to FIVEXTIRE, we also exhibit at various events.
From street specs to circuit specs, you can check the details of each model of FIVEX tires and the stores that handle them on this site.

■Development and sales of 5FIVEXTIRES Gerun series
■ Steering planning and sales
■ Planning and sales of FIVEX original goods


About 5FIVEX


Launched new brand "5FIVEX" in January and started sales of brand tires Gerun


Booth at Auto Salon 2020

Limited release of "LB FIVEX racing tires" in collaboration with Liberty Walk in December (sold out)

Participated in Formula Drift Japan 2020 as an official sponsor (Certified tire is Gerun 051S)


New Gerun035R, 055D, 055A announced at Auto Salon 2022

Started sales of Gerun055D and 055A

Opened "FIVEX LABO", a motor sports select shop in the head office

You Tube channel "Fivex Club" opened


Company Profile

■Operating company
Yamazoe Sangyo Co.,Ltd

■ Location
Minamiusa 755-1 , Usa, Oita 872-0102

■ Inquiries
TEL:+81-9-7837-3804 / FAX:+81-9-7837-3777  (Contact: Yamazoe, Sato)

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