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Release impressions of FIVEX tires by users, experts, and professional drivers.


[User Impression] 5FIVEX GERUN 051R Okayama International Circuit Time Attack
(RX-8) Former famous stance vehicle? Turned into a circuit attack vehicle? Okayama International Circuit Shakedown & Attack 1'52.12
(Okayama International Circuit) December 2019 second grade this potential? 5FIVEXGerun051S×Re:CREATORS Roadster NB8C
* We are introducing videos that have been posted with permission from the creators.


REVSPEED September 2019 issue
REVSPEED January 2020 issue


GT-R specialist

"MCR Shinichi Kobayashi"

■ Driving circuit: Sportsland SUGO

This time, we tested FIVEX Gerun 051S 285/35R18 (Warm 2.1) at Sportsland Sugo.
Test vehicle is 34GTR, 600PS (no weight reduction) To be honest, I didn't have a good impression of Asian tires, but right after entering the course? The information transmitted to the steering wheel is good, the sidewall is rigid, and the vertical grip is sufficient. I ran 5 laps in a row, but I felt a stable grip from beginning to end.

I was licking Asian tires, but this tire changed the image of Asian tires. The price is also reasonable, so I think it's ideal for beginners of grips. It was an evaluation in a short amount of time, so it's a tire that I want to test thoroughly next time.



The image of Asian tires has changed! ?

stiffness of sidewalls,
Tires with a high sense of contact when cornering

■Running circuit: Ebisu Circuit East Course

The rigidity of the sidewall is quite high, the feeling of ground contact during cornering is high, the rear traction is sufficient, and the feeling of braking is stable. Although it is a high-power and heavy car, I feel that the block rigidity is a little lacking, but it is a tire that I would definitely like to try on a heavy car such as a high-power GTR next time.

The car this time is s15 with 400 horsepower without weight reduction, and the time is 0.5 seconds faster than the S tire of Company A, which is about 5 copies made in 2017.



As a driver's feeling
Has a firm grip

■Running circuit: Okayama International Circuit

Vehicle: Toyota 86 (GT 6MT) ZN6
Weather: sunny dry
Setting air pressure: cold 1.5kg

Comparison tire: Company A 235/40-17
Tire used: Fibex 051R 235/40-17

Compare driver best times
Company A: 2'02"898
Fivex: 1'58"326

The undercarriage set is different between Company A and Fivex.
(Vehicle Harmonic: HKS → Fibex: DG-5 Front Kazama Auto Extension Lower Arm Installed)

As for the driver's feeling, it feels like the amount of roll has increased compared to Company A.
However, it does not feel uneasy, and the grip is solid. I can't say for sure because there is a change in the ride height, but it seems that the amount of roll has increased due to the increase in grip.
A change in behavior during braking was observed. I couldn't brake until the ABS worked. It seems that the ABS has become difficult to operate because the locking rate has decreased due to the increase in grip and the tires are operating firmly. (In the case of Company A, the approach was with the ABS activated.)


★October 23, 2019★

Okayama International Circuit OKC Challenge

Weather: sunny dry


By changing the settings (alignment and damping force), the best time was further improved to 1'55"835. It seems that we can still drive aggressively.


Strong expectations for Kanto Gymkhana
I'm pretty sure it's the tires

■ Driving circuit: Sarukura Sports Land

The first run after installation was done at Sarukura Sportsland.

Although the TW280 is a tire designed for motor sports, it feels like a high-grip radial tire from one or two generations ago, and I could feel a strong advantage over other TW280s.

The TW280 class is expected to be the mainstay of each series in the next season's Kanto region gymkhana, and we have received positive evaluations from all-Japan regional race drivers who test drove it, so there will be considerable expectations and demand for the Gerun051A. I feel that it is.

For this reason, I would like to strongly request that you make the tires eligible for the scholarship next season.

However, although it has become a hot topic on some social media, I am worried that there are opinions that the peeling of the shoulder part of the rear tire is regarded as a tire defect, as it occurred during my practice run. When I actually used it, it peeled off on the second one, but it didn't hinder my running at all, and it performed as expected.

Regarding this, if there is a technical intention in the design, I would like to hear from you.

This is my personal opinion, but overall, I am convinced that Gerun051A is a tire that has strong expectations for Kanto Gymkhana in the TW280 era.

From next week onwards, I will be participating in the district gymkhana festival, etc., so I am looking forward to seeing how far I can go with my inexperienced skills.



[Our view on the red part]

Next year in 2020, the JAF official gymkhana competition in the Kanto region will set a rule based on the tire tread wear value of 280 or more, and recently many users mainly in the Kanto region have purchased it. .

We are grateful for the many happy comments regarding the grip performance and time record.

Gerun 051A uses a racing compound that maximizes grip by generating heat while ensuring TREDWEAR280. We are developing mainly for winding driving from street.

*Shoulder wear when using gymkhana*
In gymkhana competition, if excessive traction is applied as stress without stable heat, some wear may occur on the tread shoulder. (It is likely to occur in a state close to the depth of the groove when new)

Not too busy handling
Reliable grip that conveys both vertically and horizontally

■ Driving circuit: Shinkyowa Kirtland

Outside temperature: 32 degrees
Summer heat despite the end of September
Genuine 5-speed transmission specification for SR engine with commercial turbine added

In order to bully the tires, I also tried the long side in continuous running.

Both vertical and horizontal, the grip is firmly transmitted, so the handling is not busy. Though it has a deep groove, it has a reliable grip that does not squish vertically.

Grip that increases when air pressure is lowered.

It doesn't peel off and holds up well.


The speed from the bottom was increased by SP out and the accelerator was opened early for escape

■ Driving circuit: Sportsland SUGO

Temperature: 23 degrees
Track temperature: 21 degrees
First, 265-35-18 from Company A. Wheel 9J start air 1.9, air measurement after 2 laps left 2.3 right 2.2, then 4 laps recorded the best 1,47.812. Since it was my first time driving in Sugo, I first rode with a professional driver and recorded 1.45.2 before driving.

Then replace the tires with Fibex. The wheels have been changed from 9J to 9.5J.
The temperature, etc. did not change, and the starting air temperature rose from 1.7 to 2.0 in two laps. From there, he recorded 1.45,281 in 5 laps.
After that, it finished with 3 laps in the 45 seconds range.
As a result, the best was updated to 2.6.

Since it was my second run, I think I was able to get used to the course and other things, and that my time improved. I think that if Company A was clear and used to it, it would have been in the 46-second range.

As for the feeling, you can feel the difference in rigidity, the nose enters quickly in response to the steering input, and the direction of the S-shaped turn changes quickly.
Company A responded by tightening the air.
In terms of grip, I could feel a considerable difference, and at Sugo's SP out, the speed increased by about 10km. The speed at which you enter any corner does not change, but you can increase your speed from the bottom and open the accelerator early to exit. I could feel the difference in the horizontal grip more than the vertical grip.
I think these things helped me improve my time.

The grip has also increased in the vertical direction as the gap between the ABS inserts has increased. It seems that the feeling of sagging was felt faster than Company A as the lap was repeated, but it may be felt more because the original grip is different.
I think that the improvement of the time was seen as a result of the above.

*Vehicle information
RX-8 specs
Engine runs 79,000 km normal
air cleaner HKS
Metal Catalyzer-HKS
Exhaust Manifold RE Amemiya
Muffler RE Amemiya Dolphin

The legs are a BLITZ damper kit and the springs are changed to HAL springs F12kg R8kg. The exterior is a full aero made by RE Amemiya. I'm planning to change the diff and clutch from now on.


than tires used before in competitions
gave me a grip

■ Driving circuit: Speed Park Koinoura

Tournament name/2019 Autumn All Kyushu Student Gymkhana Championship
Date/Saturday, November 16, 2019
Participating vehicle/Honda CRX SIR (EF8)

The driver commented that it gripped better than the tire (Company A) that he used before.

I would also like to have a scholarship contract next year, so please support me in that case.



* The A of Company A in the impression wording does not specify the product.

Inherent controllability and

Time update with a sense of stability of the grip

■Running circuit: Okayama International Circuit

Vehicle: Mazda Roadster NB8C
Specifications: Normal engine and normal ECU

Weather: sunny dry

Comparison tire: Company A 195/50R15

Tire used: 5FIVEX Gerun 051S 195/50R15


Compare driver best time

Company A: 1'57"00

FIVEX Gerun 051S: 1'56"52 (Attack Counter) 1'56"54 (Digi Spice)


The previous best time at Okayama International Circuit was 1 minute 57 seconds just at Company A.

After that, I had a little time and a tire test at the end of December 2019, and I ran on the circuit for the first time in a while.

We brought Company A and Gerun 051S and drove them with NB8C Roadster.


As a result of testing both tires under the same conditions, although Company A has one-shot grip, heat sag occurs in the latter half of the driving frame and driving is not stable.

The Guerlain 051S exhibits a stable grip from the stage when it gets hot to the end of the running frame, allowing you to concentrate on driving.

It was the first time in a while that he tried to make an attack while confirming the feel of the vehicle, tires, and course, and ended the day without reaching his personal best.


Then came the time attack on January 5, 2020.

Should I choose Company A, which has a one-shot grip, or Guerlain 051S, which exhibits a stable grip?

The tire I chose was Guerlain 051S.


The tire pressure was set at 250 for warmth, and as the tread on the tires decreased, the feeling of rigidity increased, and at that point, the tire pressure was dropped to 220 at once.The balance between grip and rigidity improved, and I recorded my personal best lap of 1:56.5 on that attack.


Guerlain 051S's inherent high controllability and stable grip allowed me to concentrate on my driving, and I believe that I was able to improve my best time.


A friend of mine who often runs with me has a similar light-tuned NB8C with a Guerlain 051S 195/50R15, and has a time of 1:56.1, so I'll keep trying.


*Performance comparison with Company A, a major sports radial

* The A of Company A in the impression wording does not specify the product.

drift kingdom

86/BRZ One Make Drift Cup “Winner”

■Running circuit: Fuji Speedway​


On December 21, 2019, I participated in the drift competition held at Fuji Speedway.


We tested the ``Gerun 051S'' on the rear before the race, but it had too much grip and it was difficult to maintain the drift, so we used Company A's tires.

I was able to win the championship with the "Gerun 051A" on the front.


From now on, I will try to install 051S on the front and 051A on the rear.


*Performance comparison with Company A, a major sports radial

* The A of Company A in the impression wording does not specify the product.

Six months after I got my license and embarked on the RX-8. Good time with used goods! !

■Running circuit: Tsukuba Circuit Course 2000


​ Tire used: Gerun 051R


On January 26th, 2020, I participated in the “Tsukuba 2000 Atrian Cup”.

Participation with a used "Gerun 051R 265/35R18" that I have been using for a long time.

The temperature was quite low this time, so I started with a cool feeling of 1.8k.

When I checked the air after 13 laps, the left side was 2.3k and the right side was 2.2k, so I adjusted the temperature to 2.2k and restarted.


Thanks to you, I was able to rank 4th in the class with 1.06.92.

The 3rd place on this screen is our time.


I got my driver's license in July 2019, and since then I've been driving the RX-8, so I'm looking forward to getting even better times.


Run 55LAP in endurance race. From beginning to end, record stable good times! !

■ Driving circuit: Sportsland SUGO

​ Tire used: Gerun 051R

Vehicle: Nissan Fairlady Z33 (normal engine, ZEAL suspension, CUSCO LSD, ENDLESS monoblock caliper)

On July 5, 2020, I participated in “The Resistance 180min Final Stage”.

Qualifying won the second row in wet conditions.
In a difficult situation where it became dry from the middle of the race, I ran 55 LAP with Z33.

At first, I was worried about heat sagging due to the continuous running at this time, but FIVEX's Gerun 051R recorded a stable LAP time from beginning to end. In an endurance race, the fastest time was 1'36"301.

When I checked the wear condition after driving, which I was worried about, I felt that the wear was moderate and the life performance was sufficient.

The team finished in 3rd place in the final.



With the road surface temperature exceeding 45 degrees, we made the most of the characteristics of the tires and won the TREDWEAR280 class for the first time!

■ Driving circuit: Sportsland TAMADA

​ Tire used: FIVEX Gerun051A 235/40-17
Vehicle: Subaru Impreza GDB

Weather: sunny dry
Road surface temperature: 45 degrees
Tournament name: JAF China Gymkhana Championship Round 2
Participating class: T28 (using radial tires of TW280 or higher)

Start pressure F2.2K R2.3K
Set to 2.4K in warm

Sportsland Tamada is a technical course that is also used by All Japan Gymkhana, and is a course that is advantageous for lightweight vehicles.
This is only the 3rd race this year, but the Roadster was beaten by a small margin, so it was a race that I really wanted to win this time.
The temperature has been high since the morning, and the road temperature is also rising. Perhaps I was overly enthusiastic, but the time was lower than expected...

In the second run from noon, the road temperature exceeds 45°C, so it's not too much to worry about. to attack.
1.87 seconds up! Stunning top time update! !

We made the best use of the characteristics of the tires and decided to win a splendid first victory!



Even after 9 months, the compound characteristics did not change and recorded a good time! !

■Running circuit: Central circuit

​ Tire used: Gerun 051R (F: 245/40R17, R: 255/35R18)

I went to the Central Circuit on November 14, 2020, while I was still wearing them in February this year.

In fine weather, the lap time was stable from start to finish, and the best time was 1'27"789.

The compound characteristics are the same as when new, so the driver's feeling does not make you feel uneasy. When I checked the condition of the treads immediately after the run, I found that the treads had been worn cleanly and the remaining treads were sufficient, so I think I can still enjoy driving on the circuit.



A record update from two domestic manufacturers that have been used before!

■Running circuit: Suzuka Circuit International Racing Course

Running date: 2020/12/22
Vehicle: Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34
Tire used: Gerun 051R 265/35R18
Suspension setting: Tokai Jidosha Trace damper (F:20k, R:18k), 3.0 degree camber front and rear
Run name: REV SPEED Suzuka Circuit Run Meeting
Weather: Clear skies, maximum temperature of 12 degrees
Air pressure setting: Best time is warm 200kpa
Best time on running day: 2'23.063 on the final lap of the third slot

On the lap where the best time came out this time, he made a driving mistake at the chicane, and it seems that the time was definitely in the 2 min 22 sec range. At the next driving event, I would like to aim for 20 seconds with new tires.

I felt that it was good in general, running, turning, and stopping, but what I felt was particularly good was the good performance in the vertical direction, and the acceleration traction and deceleration traction were good. I felt that the grip was thin until I was able to peel off the skin from the new, but when the air pressure increased, it became a good feeling.

The best time was on the 3rd lap after 3 consecutive attack laps, and I felt that the heat load performance was high.

About 1 second faster than a certain domestic company A (about 2/3 wear) (driving in winter)
About 3 seconds up (driving in summer) compared to a certain domestic company B (about half wear)
Even though it was worn out, the drop in time was small.

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