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Open the future by inheriting the past.


Collaboration with Liberty Walk, a company that continues to send "works style" to the world.

Liberty Walk's old car tire LB 88
Limited revival with the technology of FIVEX.

After Jozen Keigo - That is LB★FIVEX.

first class

tires car parts
LB★FIVEXレーシングタイヤ リバティウォーク

In contrast to the wide fender and wide rim, the sidewall design that smoothly rounds from the standing position of the shoulder part creates a unique "pull" at the foot of the old car.

Based on the technology cultivated on the circuit, the compound, which has been repeatedly tested and tuned, has achieved a high performance "bite".

Driving performance and looks that match it, and even life performance are emphasized.
We have secured a high-dimensional "balance" that old car owners are particular about.

LB★FIVEX リバティウォーク
LB★FIVEX リバティウォーク
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