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Evolution to the next level.


Introducing the specs and lineup of the Gerun series.

Specifications and details

Gerun035Rについて、開発作業の遅れにより発売時期が延期となっております。 お待たせしていて誠に申し訳ございませんが、何卒ご理解賜りますようお願い申し上げます。

We are so sorry for the delay of the release date due to it is still under development right now.

We really appreciate your understanding and patience.

All designed and tuned for R35 GT-R

Gerun 035R is our original designed tire that is specially developed to bring the maximum potential of your vehicle and weight balance.

Designed with next generation racing compound

It gives more grip to the tires by more it heats up. Evolution of racing compound technology to prevent and protect tires from heat generation.

Rigidity and high ability of control

designed to support the weight of R35 with original internal structure and sidewalls.

It also gives you the high ability to control your vehicle.

Original thread pattern and unique compound characteristic that give you a peace of mind when driving in the wet

Not designed only for breaking records, but also for stability and controllability

on any road conditions.

*Gerun 035R is not a Run-Flat tire.

Specifically designed for drifting and high performance vehicles

Designed with a special compound that lowers the heat generation point to prevent performance loss

It uses an exclusive compound that prevents performance loss from heat generation.

Tread pattern with improved grip ability

Newly designed deep grooving technology balances performance in the wet condition.

Designed with high rigidity for low pressure

Designed for the low pressure used in competitions these days, especially from the shoulder to the sidewall are newly designed to achieve high rigidity.

Balance with controllability

Balances the movement that comes from every direction and focuses on controllability to give the driver a peace of mind.

*Gerun 055D is not designed for time attack.

Active model that covers from street to the track

Upgraded model from Gerun 051A

The popular Gerun 051A compound remains the same, but with improved rigidity from the shoulder to the sidewall.

A higher grade grip that is suitable for regulation

Developed with racing compound technology. The high quality grip that you can get from Gerun 055A is something unreal which almost make you feel like more than TREDWEAR 280 standard.

Easy to handle the control over your vehicle

Easy to feel the grip zone. Movement beyond the limit is mild, and you can experience a safe driving feel.

Optimization for street performance

While maintaining the quietness and life performance, it also achieves more stability and comfortability on high speed and winding.