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TEAM5FIVEX Challenger enjoying the drive

■ On October 24th, we decided to participate in Tohoku's largest four-wheel festival! GOODLUCK Festival 2021 at Sportsland SUGO in Miyagi Prefecture again this year! We will hold the 2nd 5FIVEXATTACK driving event Circuit Challenge In SUGO as a special sponsorship project!


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■ Tohoku's largest! Car festival!! We participated in GOODLUCK Festival 2020 InSUGO. With the cooperation of Team GOODLUCK, we held the first 5FIVEXTIMEATTACK driving event. Click here for details and results▼▼

Sportsland SUGO
〒989-1301 6-1 Sugo, Murata-cho, Shibata-gun, Miyagi Prefecture
TEL 0224-83-3111



Autopolis Co., Ltd.
〒877-0312 1112-8 Uenoda, Kamitsuecho, Hita City, Oita Prefecture
TEL 0973-55-1111

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