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Aim for authenticity.


Ultimate model steering that uses real carbon.

With WRX representing SUBARU

Japan's first introduction of a high-end model for Levorg.

Subaru WRX (VAB/VAG) & Levorg (VMG/VM4) Real Carbon & Alcantara

Item No.: FIVEX-ST-SB1

tires car parts

Real carbon is used, and the material of Alcantara in Italy is used for the grip part.
Corresponds to circuit driving that requires delicate steering rig touch.
It is suitable for users who seek authenticity in pursuit of running.
Fully compatible with genuine airbags and steering switches.

※please note
Due to the positional relationship between the spline on the vehicle side and the product body side, the center position of the steering wheel may deviate from the straight direction.
In that case, adjust the tie rod on the vehicle side and correct it. The customer is responsible for the correction cost.
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